ailatanie (ailatanie) wrote,

how to become a hero in your colleages' eyes

My husband has become a "dad" ... of a baby turtle. He rescued the tiny thing from imminent death by noticing her in the driveway of vacant business center which is next to his office. Turns out a week old water turtle crawled out of the drying pond nearby in search of a better life and got lost. The funny thing is that he brought her into the office where she was given some water and a leaf of lettuce to eat/play with. With the help of e-mail they found a lady who could determine what kind of a turtle it is and suggest the right care for her. Now she has a water tank to live in and plenty of special food. They are even organizing a naming contest/fundraiser in her honor. Dima is now widely known in the company as a turtle rescuer or the "pappi" of the company pet. The whole thing makes me smile :)
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