ailatanie (ailatanie) wrote,

VIVA Bolshoi!

I have never felt more patriotic than yesterday. I went to the Gala Concert of the Youth America Grand Prix, which is an international ballet competition. The Gala is also called "The Stars of Tomorrow meet the Stars of Today". The first act featured 10-17 y.o. winners, while the second act featured solos by the most promising or acclaimed principal dancers of international ballet companies, La Scala, Berlin Ballet, Bolshoi, ABT etc. It was CRAZY! I have never seen a stronger performance. BTW, this is not an event to miss for any one even mildly interested in modern and/or classical ballet.
But I was genuinely shocked when Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev took the stage. They were the only ones who in addition to amazing technique (a level higher than other dancers) had what is called in Russian - KURAZH! Oh God, they were dancing as if they is no gravity, no routine, no stress whatsoever. They were having fun!!! Which is pretty impressive since they are pretty young and joined Bolshoi only about 4 years ago. They received a standing ovation, and sometimes I could not hear the music because the audience would burst into applause during their performance. I could not help but say, "Viva Bolshoi!" In a second, a group of Italians sitting behind me where shouting VIVA BOLSHOI!
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